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What Should I Use to Disinfect My Car for Coronavirus?

Products You Should and Should Not Use Inside Your Vehicle for COVID-19

To stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic, you will need to make sure all surfaces that could be contaminated is free of germs. While you may have already disinfected various areas of your home, you may have forgotten about your car. However, your car requires special care and some cleaners may be harmful to your vehicle and possibly even your health. Here’s what you should and should not use to disinfect your car for COVID-19.

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Cleaners You Should Use in your Car for Coronavirus

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What is safe to use inside a vehicle and can kill Coronavirus? Consider using:

  • Soap and Water
  • Alcohol-Based Car Cleaners
  • Disinfecting Wipes

Just like washing your hands, soap and water can kill any bacteria and viruses present inside your vehicle. Be sure to dampen in small areas and don’t soak. Scrub gently and allow surfaces to dry when you are finished.

If you decide to use any alcohol-based cleaners, follow the instructions on the bottle to properly use the product and to avoid damaging any cloth surfaces or upholstery. Lastly, disinfecting wipes are great for disinfecting any hard surfaces inside your vehicle, including the steering wheel, door handles, center console controls, and rearview mirror.

Cleaners You Should NOT Use in your Car for Coronavirus

Now, what should you avoid? You should never use any of the products listed below as it will be detrimental to your vehicle’s condition and may even be toxic to you. Check the ingredient list of any cleaners you are looking at and do not use if it includes:

  • Bleach
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Ammonia

Once you get your vehicle disinfected, practice proper hygiene to avoid getting the virus inside of your car. If you have anyone inside of your vehicle that is not part of your household, be sure to disinfect before they enter and after they leave.

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